When LeBron James Lookalike Shows Up as a Delivery Driver: Hilarious Reactions and Surprises Await

LeBron James, the renowned basketball icon and owner of Blaze Pizza, earned his title of “The King” by generously handing out free slices of the chain’s new 14-inch pizzas on the streets of Cleveland. A one-minute video clip of this act of kindness was shared on Twitter.

A video surfaced on Twitter recently, featuring Lebron James, or as he was going by in the video, Ron. The basketball star surprised fans by showing up with a bunch of pizza boxes in hand, and donning a homemade delivery man hat. He proceeded to hand out pizzas to unsuspecting individuals, while taking selfies with them. While most people were shocked by the impromptu pizza delivery, one person was unphased and simply ignored him.

“Hey there, how are you doing?” The man introduced himself as Ron and proceeded to share some exciting news about Blaze Pizza’s latest offer – a delicious large pizza with fresh ingredients that can be shared. He mentioned the unique toppings they have, including artichoke and lettuce, but some fans were skeptical of his identity since he was wearing a hat to conceal his face. Despite this, Ron refused to break character, insisting that he was not actually Ron. A fan even thanked him by his real name, LeBron, but Ron claimed to have no knowledge of who that was. LeBron himself retweeted the ad and praised Ron as a regular guy, promoting their new large Blaze Pizza.

According to a spokesperson of the company, customers can now customize their 14-inch pizzas or opt for Blaze’s signature pizza varieties such as meat eater, green strip, veg out, and BBQ chicken. It makes me curious about what LeBron’s preferred order would be.

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