“Travis Scott rocks the stage at Bronny James’ 18th birthday bash, with LeBron James joining in on the fun”

Video: LeBron James and Bronny James have a gala time as Travis Scott  performs for latter's 18th birthday

Travis Scott has recently made an appearance at Bronny James’ 18th birthday bash, adding to the festive mood. The famous rapper’s energy on stage was matched by none other than the James family themselves, who were seen having a blast. LeBron James has always had a close association with the music industry in the NBA and is often spotted alongside artists like Jay Z and Drake. And this time, he had a massive surprise for his dear son.

Bronny, LeBron & Travis Scott going hard at Bronny's birthday party! |  LeBron James, Travis Scott, party, LeBron James Jr., birthday | Bronny,  LeBron and Travis Scott were going HAM at Bronny's

Bronny’s 18th birthday celebration was truly remarkable. Being a promising player in the basketball scene, he aspires to make it to the NBA in the future. To mark this special occasion, LeBron organized a concert led by Travis Scott, who graced Bronny’s party with his performance. A video clip from the celebration showed the James family grooving and having a great time during the concert.

LeBron James and Travis Scott turning up at Bronny James' party is too epic  — Attack The Culture

Scott had the crowd going wild with his hit tracks, “Butterfly Effect” and “Sicko Mode,” while LeBron and Bronny were enjoying the show and getting hyped up with the rapper. Bronny even got on stage with Scott, while LeBron chose to stay in the shadows and let his son take the spotlight. Nonetheless, LeBron was still keeping up with the energy on stage.

Travis Scott, Curador de la NBA 2K19 banda Sonora Con LeBron James'  Co-Firmar

Travis Scott has gained massive popularity among NBA players. His recent concert was attended by basketball icons such as James Harden and Kevin Durant, further solidifying his position as a top choice for NBA celebrities.

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