LeBron James Shows Off His Sweat in Brazil for All to See

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On a lovely morning last Thursday, LeBron James made a decision to take a jog and do some exercise on the stunning Copacabana Beach located in Rio De Janeiro. While he was running along the coastline, quite a few beach visitors were taken aback by the spectacle of a genuine Nike advertisement unfolding right behind him. It reminded ESPN’s Brian Windhorst of the well-known Nike commercial where hundreds of people followed LeBron on a run throughout Miami. Despite the sun being scorching and the sand burning hot, LeBron remained steadfast in his fitness routine.

LeBron James Works Out in Public in Brazil

Exclusive photographs of LeBron James’ morning jog have been released by Globo Esporte, revealing that the Cleveland Cavaliers team only accompanied him in small numbers while others were busy filming. The basketball superstar was getting ready for an exhibition match against the Miami Heat and was joined by a few players such as Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters. LeBron’s remarkable fitness levels this summer are attributed to his 67-day diet that excluded sugar, carbohydrates, and dairy. It is captivating to see one of the world’s most respected individuals exercising on a public beach in a relaxed manner.

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